Long Ago, when the colonialist came, I wish Africa had Tarzan

Watching the film, The legend of Tarzan , it made me understand How Europe would not have undeveloped Africa, if we had a imaginary figure like Tarzan

Now to the story and why it got this title, the story as we know it is about a boy born in the wilds of Africa groomed and trained by Gorillas after his parents died in the wilds of Africa. Apart from the fighting and all the stunts , some information were also revealed by the film like the " Slavery Expedition of King Leopold of Belgium". In fact the reason and the main point of this article is the colonial narrative of the film.

So i would take the story apart scene by scene depending on scenes that reflect on the  colonialist relation with Africans.

The first i would pick would be the scene were Tarza returns to Africa, after leaving to experience civilization, infact he is lured back into Africa on the request  by a forged invitation by ‎Léon Rom, a representative of Leopold and the persuasion of an American Diplomat, George Washington, who suprising is casted as a black man set on exposing Leopold slavery plans

This is not the issue, but the main issue that relates to the point this article is meant to make started with the scene with Rom and his croonies attacked the village which harboured  Tarzan and his wife.

The scene where the chief of the tribe was commanded by Roam to kneel before him was of great importance , as this showed that the methods of "conquering by the Europeans" was majorly through force. Also the scene showed how much Africans had faith and respected  a leader figure, as it was shown that the leader of the tribe refused to Kneel because an Elder as he says does not Kneel, and on hearing this, the whole clan stood up .

So it is no wonder, that the resistant genes in black Americans are triggered unknowingly when they are being forced by Racist police or elements to do something against their will. Africans are naturally prideful , and are opposed to the use of Force, it just makes them more aggresive. It is an ancestral feeling from colonial days against how whites treated Blacks.

So, when the thug of Leopold saw this, he killed the leader of the clan and this point is also worthy of note, the whites understood that we respected anything that symbolised a leader figure, so the leaders who opposed  the Europeans were always the ones who got wiped out first as this would instantly lead to the disintegration of the tribe or clan which the leader ruled.

The language of European civilisation of Africa was force and Violence. As this film, which is obviously western has shown.

So, after the scene were the leader was killed , th tribe strongest were taken to be sold into slavery but the twist was the black man who accompained Tarzan saved a few of them and even Tarzan from being captured.

Naturally, due to death of the tribe leader , the fighting spirit of the tribe might have died out, but in this utopian creation called Legend of Tarzan, the clan got stronger and fought to free members of their clan and this was possible through the inspiration Tarzan provided.

Not to forget, Jane , the wife of Tarzan played a role in reigniting the desire to fight for their lands , because like it or not, it was African lands that "so called theives" of European came to share in 1885.

Let me add this quote from a Chinese film, it was said that "it is in man's nature to react, behave differently towards any thing that speaks or looks different from it"

This quote explians the indifference Whites have against us, the europeans thought of the Blacks 's skin colour and the fact that we acted and looked different from them, made some of the colonialists perceive us as having no brains to appreciate what we had and what surrounded us which they had come to plunder, but no! Africans knew what surrounded them because they they took advantage of what their habitat could provide and were simply content with what they got and preserved it simultaneously without exhausting it use which was what the Europeans wanted to do with Africa natural resources.

On a comical note. we can say that the first supporters of the fight against climate change, was Africans, Europe never understood the concept of "protecting of the enviroment", with it's industrial revolution , it began the destruction of our enviroment 

Back to the story of Tarzan, another episode that reflect something significant was when Tarzan mobilised the men of the clan to intercept the train that was carrying the strongest men of the tribe into slavery forever, and we saw how he singlehandedly defeated the European army on the train and freed the Africans.

The significant aspect is the huge numbers of Africans who were on that train, and  sadly in real life, where there was obviously no Tarzan, that huge number are the ones that got to be sent abroad by whites to be slaves on their plantations and other places slaves worked etc.

Another episode was the incident between Tarzan and another clan, this scene for me symbolised the barabarity and savageness of inter-tribal wars which European affiliated with us.

Apparently , Tarzan and the head of the Clan had age-old beef, which overcame the rationality of the Clan leader to connive with the Europeans to catch Tarzan and in return give the Europeans Diamonds , the same Diamonds which Rom had  eyes on, and which he was going out of his way to buy mercenaries to subdue Africans to get at the precious stones.

According to the Europeans,  the theme of inter-clan battles in Africa was part of the uncivilised nature of Africans which they had come to change, but let ask ourselves some questions. Have you ever had of "duels" between Lords of estate over something as flimsy as an exchange of colorful words  in the 1800s or have you heard of battles like battle of Troy, Otto Van Bismarck Triumphs etc. Have you ever heard or read about  the English Battles in pre-Victorian England and post-Victorian England?

These battles were bloody and outright savage. So why is it that when the Europeans see the Africans fighting another  African clan , they refer to it as "uncivilised". Getting even or angry is as old as time itself, only the methods of fighting changed when the Colonialist arrived.

While the Europeans had learned to use guns at the time of coloniasation, african still used bow and poison arrows and Machetes.

Finally, to my favourite and final part of the movie which is the scene where Tarzan rescued Jane. In trying to rescue Jane, who was at the time in enemy captivity and also with a battalion of mercenaries hired by Leopold near. It all seemed hopeless for Tarzan to save his lady love until we saw an army  of Nature comprising of Buffaloes and Lions, Crocodiles etc . While the Europeans commanded men with money to fight against other men inorder to subdue and exploit them in their own Land. Tarzan, the little white boy turned Hero , who lived most of his life amongst animals summoned friends he knew from his childhood days with the animals and they instantly answered , going to battle against the enemies of Tarzan and winning

This scene symbolised the deep connection Africans of old had with nature and animals, even till today, there are some groups in Africa, who can communicate with Animals like the Fulani Cattle Herders.

Majority of those who have the abilities to communicate with nature cannnot  read or educated yet they understand and used nature. but due to the fact that the Europeans wanted to believe Africans were clueless and simply tagged us "barbaric", they ignored our knowledge of nature and understanding which they lacked.


On the issue of Racism in our world today, it is rational to say that Africans given their history  are the ones who have the right to being indifferent to every white person due to the unfair treatment of  Blacks by whites in their own lands, the forceful migration from their homes, the sacking of whole villages and towns, the barbaric killings etc

What right does a white person have to being indifferent? Did the Africans steal from the whites when they got to Africa? Did Africans bring war to their lands? on the contrary, Africans developed the european economy during the colonial days through Slave labour. Africans never invited anything on the whites or Europeans which they didn't forcefully invite on themselves through their selfish exploitation and betrayal of our Hospitality.

Also, before you hate on an African or act indifferent towards a black man or woman, try to read the history of Black people by Africans, then read the others and search for a middle ground, you will find an answer close to the truth.


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