The Muslim Ban : A Message to the open-minded republican American

It shocked the world, it shockeld Trump would carry out the threats he promised during his campaign period.

I thought it was all political talk to win the voters , but I was dead wrong when on 28th January 2017, the 45th president of the United states who was only inaugurated a week and a day ago, signed an executive order for the building of a Border Wall against Mexico and illegal immigrants as he calls them.

Now the latest executive order signed by  Donald Trump  is the Muslim Ban

This was the decision that shocked me, and as all news outlets are putting it, although I don't know how Fox News are selling it or are going to relay this kind of news, this decision has brought Chaos to the Muslim Homes in America.

The ban states that immigrants from seven Muslim countries namely: Syria, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Iran, Yemen, Iraq are banned from gaining entry into the United States with citizens of Syria banned indefinitely.

While those who are already legal citizens of the United States( those that of the United States( those that have green cards) but who are out of the country might probably not gain access back into the country.

That's not all. There's more, it is rather overwhelming to read, just read it.

So this article is going to be devoid of any conspiracy theories but rather simple truths that normal Americans can relate with.

No 1: The Women's March, what purpose or impact did it have?

On January 21, millions of United states citizen of various religious denominations protested across the United states against the election and inauguration of Donald Trump.

The face of the march was a Lady in Hijab. The picture indeed had a powerful appeal, it sent a strong message but still had no effect nor was it able to influence the president's outlook on certain decisions neither did the protest which was attended by millions of people.

This protest which trended across Social media, made headlines on newspapers across the world did not move Donald Trump resolve or dissuade him from carrying out some of his threats.

Lesson 1: America has not figured how to get through the New President.

Story 2: The Border Wall, a safety precaution or a step towards a policy of Isolation?

On January 26, the president of the United states signed the order to build a 1000 mile border wall with Mexico which president Trump said the Mexico government will pay for, with the announcement came the reply of Mexico President, who said his country would not pay a dime for the wall and later cancelled a meeting he was to have with the newly elected president.

This statement by Mexico's president which could mark the beginning of hostility between the two neighbouring nations did not move Donald Trump.

Lesson 2: He is not afraid of losing allies that seem lesser than the United states. To put it simply, he is not afraid of a confrontation with any country.

Story 3: Theresa May's failure to criticise Donald Trump

This was the day feminist would have bitten their nails and cursed silently at the second most powerful woman in Britain when she visited the 45th president of the United States and commended him on what she called a " stunning victory"

Lesson 3: Despite his character and personality, he still seems to have backers who make him believe he is making the right decisions.

Story 4: The Muslim Ban

You already know the story, and people, companies especially tech companies are surely going to feel the negative impacts of this policy, and at this time, many American citizens cannot help but come to the realisation especially those that did not vote, that, American has made a mistake".

However this article is not to tackle Donald Trump, but this article is a plea to the reason of Americans and a pointer to certain realities Americans are aware of but choose to ignore.

My plea is addressed to every republican, non-racial, right-thinking conservative because you voted him in, so you have a responsibility and a part in this decision.

First, Please this order is too heavy,  and please tell me if the following are false;

Among those Muslims that are banned are former heroes of America who fought in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Among those Muslims are those who have protected you for years.

Among those Muslims are people who make the United states economy thrive.

Among those Muslims are your doctors, your teachers, your neighbours, Your friends.

Are these facts false?

So do you think, all these people who have treated, protected you for years are terrorists?

Do you think kicking these people out will make America Great again if you think America is not as great as it is?

All these people are not terrorist and do not represent the "terrorist way of life of terror groups".The current symbol of what most call "radical Islam" is in Syria and that is the ISIS.

Secondly, I want every republican seeing this to review and answer the following questions;

N*B when I ask these questions, please view the questions as if you were in the same position. Although after seeing the questions some might  argue that " it is isn't our religion causing problems"

  1. Are the Muslims being sent out the one causing problems?
  2. If for the action  of every racist, one White person is killed, would that be fair?
  3. What if for the action of people like Dylan Roof, every white person is alienated, would that be fair?
  4. Based on the assumption, that one day any white person might just shoot black people in a church?
  5. When you refuse a mother from seeing her son based on this new policy, is there greatness in that kind of act?

Permit me to point out this  fact in relation to the issue of immigrants, although some of you might not admit but  it is the truth that  there were people living in the United States before it was discovered, and they were not whites( Native Americans) which mean the majority of the descendants of the settlers are also IMMIGRANTS, why then would you support the kicking out of other immigrants who have in one way or the other contributed to the development of the United States.

Moreover, if you think that only Americans should live in America to make it great again, then as I stated above, without any form of malice, then you have no right to claim citizenship if you don't have any roots with Native Americans.

This ban can be changed if republicans and democrats alike agree that the foundation on which the United states was built was diversity( the coming together of diverse cultures) and influence the president whose action are clearly based on the opinions of people and his own preconceived plans. In fact, the former paved way for the latter to be carried out.

I believe that if the Americans can come together devoid of any political colourations and say no to the ban, it might be stopped or influence a review, because Donald Trump is a man who likes to "play with the public" Populism is a craft he is a master of, so what more could change his mind when the very republicans who voted for him say No to his decision?

A protest named #NoBanNoWall has started trending but the question is, would the protest get anywhere or be a one -day wonder like the Women's March?

it is clear you cannot force the President of the  United states to just change the decision, it makes him look incapable, so the protest must be clearly different from the women's march, which turned out to be a lot of noise but no substance?

Hopefully, this protest will hold much longer and gain more weight if  people are willing to come out, not to begin taking selfies or having celebrities saying things that will only inflame the situation and who in no way will contribute to the influence the protest is supposed to have.

This protest needs all kinds of celebrities, from all walks of life, the serious, matured type( No offence to Madonna). because in case you do not notice, exchanging of insulting tweets with the president will achieve nothing. No insult penetrates through his skin, so insulting is absolutely useless.

A protest with a deafening silence, a contrast to the women's march, a protest on the same level as  the iconic Martin Luther king's protest should be the order of the day to save the American Muslim Family.

Any error in this write-up are all mine, not  1Creek


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