104 Ridiculous human thoughts that you might have had

Some of the "what ifs, are outright ridiculous while others might look normal. Here are 104 ridiculous thoughts I think of at times, and I know some others share the same thoughts too. And if you could answer some of these questions, that will be pretty cool.   If you have thought of these things, then you must have a vivid imagination/ Enjoy
  1. What if poverty was the measure of wealth?
  2. What if babies could talk from inside the womb?
  3. What if babies could talk when they were delivered instead of crying?
  4. What if animals ruled and the man was the subordinate?
  5. What if clothes were unnecessary?
  6. What if there was no standard of right and wrong?
  7. What if there was no woman in the world?
  8. What if only men lived in the world?
  9. What if women ruled the world while men were the subordinates?
  10. What would the first generation of humans say if they could see us now?
  11. What if you had the power to know when you will die?
  12. What if you were given the power of life and death?
  13. And you were allowed to save and kill only 10 people? Who would they be?
  14. What if you could turn back the hands of time?
  15. Which year would you return man to?
  16. What if you choose how long you lived, at what year would you choose to die?
  17. What if money was free as paper and paper was as scarce as money?
  18. What if everyone in the world was black?
  19. Would there still be racism?
  20. What if having fun was the settling of disputes instead of war?
  21. What in war, nobody ever dies?
  22. What if all diseases were curable?
  23. What if all disease could kill in a minute?
  24. How would you save yourself?
  25. What if you had power to stop one disease, which would it be?
  26. What if you could rule the world?
  27. And you were given permission to make only one command, what would it be?
  28. What if beggars were kings, and kings were beggars?
  29. What if everyone spoke only one language?
  30. What if nobody ever dies?
  31. What if Gold was just paint and sand was Gold?
  32. What if animals could talk , and we couldn’t for just one day?
  33. What if animals became smarter than us?
  34. What if food was the things that made us hungry and water the thing that made us satisfied?
  35. Would anybody ever be Hungry?
  36. What if leaves were clothes?
  37. What if Cheetahs were athletes?
  38. What if there was no water?
  39. What if killing meant saving lives?
  40. What if all Rich people were poor and the poor became Rich?
  41. What if knowledge meant ignorance , and ignorance meant Knowledge?
  42. What if Saints were warriors?
  43. What if Blacks enslaved whites?
  44. What if Adolf Hitler’s mother was a Jew?
  45. Would the Holocaust have happened?
  46. What if the World Wars were a biennial worldwide fare?
  47. What if movies were real life and no actors?
  48. What if cancer was just hitch on the body that could just be scratched or dusted away?
  49. What if everyone in the world all became 20 years old?
  50. What if fathers were the mothers and mothers were fathers?
  51. What if men were the one who got pregnant?
  52. What if men were considered the weaker sex?
  53. What if there were no laws, rules or regulation in the world?
  54. What if nobody ever committed a crime?
  55. What if everybody could agree for one day not to commit any crime?
  56. What if Bombs were meat balls that could be eaten?
  57. What if Drugs never existed?
  58. What if people made babies just by hugging a member of the opposite sex?
  59. Would you want your wife to still look at any man, then?
  60. What if there was no time or calendar?
  61. What if the Sun never set?
  62. What If the night lasted forever and we never have day?
  63. What if AIDS/HIV was something that passed out with your feaces?
  64. What if everybody had money or what if everybody was Rich?
  65. What if the seas were made up of Gold dust?
  66. What if you had a device which could turn back time at will?
  67. What if you had only one chance to fall in love?
  68. What if you could fall in love once in a lifetime?
  69. What if you could travel to space with just your car?
  70. What if rain never fell?
  71. What if rain fell every day?
  72. What if days of the week were marked by mood?
  73. Which would be your happiest?
  74. Which day would you hate the most?
  75. Or what if the days of the week was marked by Rain, Snow, Wind, Harmmatan, Sunrise, typhoon and Whirlwind.
  76. What every human had a chance to only live for 20 years?
  77. What if a natural disaster only happened in a country anytime somebody stole?
  78. What if everybody immigrated to space?
  79. Which country would be first?
  80. Which would be last to leave the earth?
  81. What if only Good people never died?
  82. What if the punishment for doing one Bad deed irrespective of the gravity was death?
  83. Would you still commit a bad deed?
  84. What if you were allowed to see heaven, would you still wish to die?
  85. What if the Sun was within reach?
  86. What if Thank YOUs were the salaries paid to workers?
  87. What if people had money by how hard they worked and how heavy their work is?
  88. What if hard work was money?
  89. What if imagination could be brought to reality just by how clear it is in our head?
  90. What if love never existed?
  91. What if mercy never existed?
  92. What if hate never existed?
  93. What if love was earned by working for it?
  94. What if the people ruled government?
  95. What if the day was cold?
  96. What if the night was hot?
  97. What if Robots ruled the world?
  98. If you witness the Apocalypse, what will be the first thing you will do?
  99. What if you were given the knowledge to know the day the world would end what would you do from the day till the day it happened?
  100. If you were given power to ration how many years people lived, which set of people, would get the shortest life?
  101. Which set of people would you give the longest lives?
  102. What if you were given a chance to live for a 1000 years?
  103. Would you accept it?
  104. What if you had only had the cure for cancer, would you sell the cure or give it free?

If you have any more ridiculous list, you can send it to us, we will gladly look through it .


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