13 Questions President Buhari Should Ask Himself during his Vacation

In 2010, when president Yara’adua was finally reported dead after his long stay abroad, and the drama that ensued from the discontent of the Northerners about making Goodluck Jonathan acting president, Turai Yaradua’s brief moment of glory and power.

Now history is about to repeat itself but I just hope it doesn’t because although I hate to say it, it sounds bad for Nigeria if we lose our president again.

So at this junction, I would like to state that I wish the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari, a safe recovery if he still unwell.

And I hope that is all there is to it.

So to the issue, I would like to discuss; The implications of the president’s sickness and what Nigerians are saying.

The Lie

When Umar Yara’adua fell sick in 2009, although it took a while before we found out, the president was sick, Nigerians eventually found out he was sick and was later confirmed dead  on February 5, 2010, after several attempts to conceal the news.

Now it has been confirmed that the president is currently on a medical vacation which obviously means he is not in very good health condition temporarily.

However, what makes this similar to the case of Umar Yaradua is the way the special adviser to media and minister of information who are meant to inform Nigerians about the state of the presidency and it’s affairs have failed in carrying out their duties.

As one radio personality put it, the minister of information and special adviser on media to the president are “ trying to lie to Nigerians about the state of the health of the president”

Or what would you call the minister of information ‘s comment about the presidential plane being under repair being the reason why the president could not arrive on February 6th as scheduled.

Meanwhile, the special adviser on his part has failed on his part to inform Nigerians about the state of their president.

This does not speak well of these individuals, why can’t they just come out to tell Nigerians that the president is sick and will take a while before he get s back to active duty , which is what the presidency has recently done by sending a letter to the Senate about the is extended medical vacation.

Rather these men chose to lie blatantly to Nigerians.

An action which I consider rather unfortunate, as the presidency of Buhari was voted based on the values of Anti-Corruption and transparency.

So far, it has failed on both conditions.

Now, what did Nigerians say about the president's health prior to the letter of extended medical vacation and after the letter of the extended medical vacation was submitted to the senate?

What are Nigerians Saying( Before the letter)

First, prior to the letter getting to the senate, naturally some well meaning Nigerians could not help but have a feeling of " Deja Vu"  with the way the president’s officials were handling information concerning him.

That’s why there might be some of them who might subscribe to the idea that the president might be dead.

Meanwhile, my problem is with those Nigerians who made up conjectures about the president’s health status and as a result, are now spreading rumours about the president’s death.

These set of Nigerians are those who are mainly in opposition, and Nigerians who because of the current states of things have lost some of their morality and human feeling, plus other who didn’t vote for him.

The way these set of people are spreading information about the president’s death is nauseating and puts a question mark on the level of the morality of Nigerians.

How can you wish your president dead?

Now the answer is subjective but in my opinion, it is wrong and it is unjustifiable.

What are Nigerians Saying ( After)

Recently I watched a program whereby Nigerians were asked what they think of the extended medical vacation of the president. Many wished him a quick recovery and at the same time were demanding he return as fast as possible to find a solution to the " tough economic situation" of the country.

Now lastly to the man in the eye of the storm himself, The president. It is obvious Nigerian badly want the " change" they were promised during the campaign on his return from his medical vacation. So, in my opinion,  If the president is currently on the sickbed ,  I believe this a time for the president to reflect on certain things and see things from different perspective during this extended medical vacation.

The president should perform a self appraisal of the nation he leads and its people and ask himself the following questions as a sincere man he is reputed to be;

  1. Is this what I planned for Nigerians?
  2. Have I performed up to expectations or have I not?
  3. Are Nigerians who elected me happy?
  4. Do they still believe in the reason for which they voted me?
  5. Have I failed or repaid them satisfactorily?
  6. Are their grievances genuine or incited by opposition
  7. What are my plans for my people?
  8. Can I still achieve all these plans in the remaining years left?
  9. What percentage of those plans have I carried out in 2 years of my rule?
  10. How far are those around me (ministers’ advisers and party leaders) helping me in fulfilling these plans?
  11. Who are  the enemies and who are the friends of the progress of my plans
  12. True to myself, what are the factors hindering the fulfillments of my promises to Nigerians?
  13. Finally, if this was my last chance to carry out the change I promised, what are the essential things I “must do” for my people?

To a normal politician, these question don’t matter, but if the president indeed has the character we voted him for he would consider it


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