25 Most Popular WordPress plugins you must have on your website

Millions of leading websites and normal websites make use of WordPress plugins, and on a daily basis, WordPress users are presented with loads of plugins for their respective websites. While some are totally awesome and have been consistent with the quality over the years, while some plugins are simply enjoying past glory as the quality they offer has reduced over the years, then there are plugins which are totally wack. As a user, you have a variety of fine-looking plugins to choose from, but which one will serve your website effectively and efficiently? is the question. Jeff Bullas released an infographic of  Wordpress 25 most popular plugins.


Although I do agree with some, but here are some spoilers; You cannot use a Google XML sitemap plugin if you install a Yoast SEO plugin, Why? because Yoast already has Google XML sitemap and they both serve the same function, it helps search engines to index your site easily but Yoast has an added advantage has it is one of those plugins on WordPress which has maintained its quality over the years and has over a million downloads. Also Yoast helps with your SEO issue, which is probably the most important feature for any website. However, there is one major spoiler with just installing some of this WordPress plugins is the fact that it slows down your site. So I would advise you pick the most absolutely necessary and essential plugin for your site Check out the Top 25 most popular WordPress Plugins. top 25 wordpress plugins To find out about the top 100 WordPress plugins visit LeadInFacebooktwitter

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