7 Worst Traffic Cities in the World

  traffic in Mexico City


According to the telegraph travel, the world most congested city is Mexico City, where there is a congestion level is about 66 percent and sometimes increases to 101 at times making drivers to spend 59 minutes on the road.


 The City of Lagos in Nigeria was not included in this list of the worst cities for Traffic.

If the rating is based on congestion level and based on how long drivers stay on the road, Lagos should be one of the top 10  worst city for traffic due to its unimproved road and transport system.

An instance is the "Popular " Third Mainland Bridge of Lagos"  which is one of the longest bridges in Africa, drivers, stay about and sometimes over 120 minutes on the road during the morning and evening rush hour period. The congestion level is above 50%,  others are the  Agege-Motor road,  Lagos- Ibadan Expressway.This city is popular for its traffic gridlocks.

Others  worst cities for traffic listed by telegraph travel


Traffic in Bangkok

The Congestion level is 61 percent congestion level and drivers have to stay an extra 64 minutes at the wheel.


Traffic in Jakarta

Driver's in the oriental capital spend 48 minutes extra on the road.


Bucharest traffic

According to the telegraph travel, half of the roads in Bucharest are always congested adding 57 minutes to a driver's stay on the road

Chengdu, China

Traffic in Chengdu, China

This city located in South Western China province of Sichuan is a tourist haven but its road according to the report by telegraph travel are " traffic prone" and can take a driver an extra 46 minutes on the road.

Beijing, China

Traffic in Beijing

Due to the population density, it is no wonder that the cities of China are traffic- prone. Beijing which is one of the most beautiful cities in ancient China has problem with traffic and according to the research by telegraph travel, 46 percent of the roads in this city are regularly congested.


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