9 Jobs You Can Run From Anywhere in the World

This is almost like the opposite of the earlier article I wrote on how technology has made us lazy , although technology has had its negative impact on our lives, so it has also had enormous positive effect on our professional and personal lives. This article from startup mindset states 10 jobs you could do  using your Social Media Knowledge and Internet Expertise

1. Online tutoring

Online tutoring is one of the most popular remote businesses, and its popularity is mainly due to the convenience that it offers.  As an online tutor, you can offer e-moderation to a group where several learners receive instructions from you simultaneously.

You can also offer asynchronous tutoring, whereby you respond to sets of questions that learners had previously submitted to you.  The other alternative is to offer synchronous tutoring, whereby you agree to have real time interaction with clients and students at specific times via a shared medium.

2. Blogging

In the past, blogging was generally done by an individual and covered one or two subjects. However, this isn’t the case anymore. If you’re looking for remote businesses that can be run from anywhere on earth, consider joining multi author blogs (popularly known as MABS), where you can get paid for contributing valuable content to MABS owned by newspapers, advocacy groups, media outlets, think tanks, universities and other institutions.

To get an edge over competition because industry is very competitive, you need knowledge of SEO and content marketing

3. Professional Copywriting

Copywriting is one of the most popular and lucrative remote businesses that you can ever undertake. As a copywriter, your job will entail helping to come up with direct mail pieces, sales letters, taglines, postcards, jingle lyrics, brochures, web page content, billboards, online advertisements, catalogs, emails, white papers, commercial scripts to be aired on radios or TVs as well as press releases on behalf of your clients.

Your clientele may consist of advertising agencies, creative agencies, PR firms, magazines, company advertising departments, book publishers, large stores, newspapers, marketing firms, cable providers and broadcasters, among others.

4. Freelance writing

A freelance writer is essentially an independent contractor who writes for clients without necessarily belonging to a particular entity or company. Since thousands of writing jobs are made available every week, it’s possible for you to earn decent income as long as you are hardworking, dedicated, and produce quality work.

If you are gainfully employed, consider being a part-time freelance writer. It’s important to note that not everyone can succeed in this industry. In order to be successful, you must have the ability of generating original content. Additionally, you must be self disciplined, have good grammar as well as good academic background.

You can only succeed if you are willing to adequately market yourself, chase leads, drum up business, follow the instructions given by clients and complete assignments in time. Additionally, you’ll need to create and maintain good relationships with clients.

5. Creation and Sale of Information Products

An information product generally refers to an educational e-book (kindle, e-pub or PDF), digital video recording and/or digital audio recording. It’s a form of intellectual property (IP) content that is stored in digital form and then sold via the internet.

Creating and selling information products is one of the easiest remote businesses that you can venture into. In order to be successful, follow the procedure outlined below:

  • a. Identify challenges faced by your prospective customers.
  • b. Come up with a step by step procedure to enable your customers follow your plan with ease.
  • c. Utilize the right tools.
  • d. Offer your potential customers multiple options through which they can enjoy your product (e.g. watching, reading and/or listening).

6. Creation and Sale of Podcasts

A podcast is a type of digital media which contains a periodic series of ePub files, audio, PDF, video or digital radio subscribed to and automatically downloaded via web syndication. It can also be streamed online using a smartphone, tablet or computer.

This is one of the most lucrative remote businesses that you can venture into even if you don’t have much start-up capital. To generate revenue, you can maintain several video or audio files as website feed on a server, and the clients (viewer or listeners) use podcatchers (specially-designed client application software) to gain access to the web feed, download new files and/or check for updates.

8. Web Development

This is a job that you can do irrespective of your geographical location. It involves development of a website (for an intranet or the internet) and/or development of web-based social network services, internet applications or electronic businesses.

As a web developer, your work can also consist of web engineering, e-commerce development, web design, configuration of network security and web servers as well as development of web content.

9. Social Media Consulting

We all know that social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter have been creating a buzz on the internet, and they are here to stay. Almost everyone who has access to the internet has joined one or more social media platforms, and organizations (both for-profit and not-for profit) haven’t been left behind.

You can capitalize on the social media craze by becoming a social media consultant.  As a consultant, you’ll be enabling clients to enhance their profiles on social media, thus facilitating growth and expansion of their businesses.

In order to be a successful social media consultant, it’s important to know who/ what your clients are, develop a good social media strategic plan, implement the master plan and also analyze results.


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