Google! Where is my new New Analytics Dashboard?

The first time I checked out the Google analytics dashboard, I got lost in clicking on sections that looked like  "English" but were way too "techy" and I realized I was clicking the wrong things since it was not giving me the result I wanted. To cut the long story short, I couldn't navigate my Google analytics dashboard for a while.

Hey incase you don't know what Google analytics is.

What is Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the dashboard supported by Google created for a website displaying all the necessary data of a website or blog that the owner of the website needs, to know it's level of "online development or decline".

In essence, it helps you know about the traffic generated by your site, those bringing in the traffic, sites generating traffic, the location and type( sex, age ) of people bringing in the traffic.

Back to my story, it took me a long while to navigate through my Google analytics and it occurred to me that Google which is the "King and Owner of SEO" created a dashboard whose user experience can only be considered as "poor" but people have to know how their respective sites are doing, so hence the need to learn how to use it through video tutorials provided by Google( which are sometimes boring) or another third party site who offer insightful knowledge on how to understand the Google Analytic dashboard.

But,  the days of anguish in navigating seems to be nearing its end as Google has planned to improve it's Analytics dashboard to make it more user-friendly and navigable.

Google posted this announcement in October 2016 and with a promise of a new dashboard in months, am yet to see it or have you?

The Last Time I checked analytics

Here is a short report of the  new look of the Analytics dashboard Google Promised

1. Simplified navigation

  • Brand-New navigation using Google’s Material Design standards
  • Removal of the “Home Customization Reporting Admin” subheader bar
    • Admin is now pinned to the bottom of the navigation
  • Resizeable left navigation to allow for more space in the canvas

Pitch 1 Copy.png

2. Customization, all in one place

  • Previously, reporting customization items were spread out: Dashboards & Shortcuts in the left-nav; Custom Tables, Custom Reports, etc. in the Customization tab; Custom Alerts in a tab in Intelligence Events
  • Now, all customization elements are contained in a “Customization” left-nav element:

Pitch 2.png

3. Simplified Google Analytics View switching

  • The old “Home” account/property/view picker page has been replaced by the new picker in the header, which allows you to switch views from any page in the product
  • Note that for Analytics 360 users, you may need to switch organizations to see the set of accounts you are trying to get to (3).gif

See the full report Here. Where is My Dashboard?


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