With Or Without 2Face : Why Nigerians need to Protest ( A message to the Pro- Buharis’)

Due to the recent development as regards the " Protest against Bad Government" which was made popular by Nigerian musician, Innocent Idibia, 2FACE, that it will no longer hold after all the hue and cry of Nigerians who support and are against the protest.

So for those who wanted the protest to happen and enjoy the jamboree that will come with it, they might feel a bit " broken" that the protest was cancelled by the so -called "Ring  Leader" ( 2 Face) who although repeatedly stated in various statements that he did not organise the protest rather it was a group which did, and he just lent his  voice to the cause but many find it hard to believe especially those who don't want the protest to hold and are probably delighted that it has been cancelled.

I once wrote an article, 3 people RuiningNigeria, where I stated the class of people who are causing the backwards trend of the Nigerian state. However that is not the issue, this article you are currently reading was written days before he cancelled the protest. In fact, it was written after the various and numerous counter reaction to the protest which was meant to " draw the attention of all governments of Nigeria( Federal, State, and Local" to the grievances of Nigerians through a peaceful protest

What is hard to accept in a peaceful protest which was in fact clearly not against any specific personality or party or regime?

The objective of this article is to state rational reasons through questions, the need for the Nigeria people to protest with or without 2Face

Let me start by taking you along a familiar memory lane: The year 2015.

In 2015, I was among many Nigerians who took to social media to sensitise Nigerians on the need to vote and also the need to vote and not fight. It was a fulfilling experience for me, as I felt I was contributing in a larger way towards the development of responsive voters behaviour which I hoped will bear the produce of " Good Governance".

I got responses from many Nigerians, Africans, and Non- Nigerians. For me and so many other, Twitter did a lot in informing Nigerian on the need to vote, who to vote, why to vote.

However, during these period many Nigerian artistes sided with parties and personalities, by doing campaign jingles for them, but some Nigeria artistes did not take sides but rather harped on the message of " Vote Not Fight", they advocated peace and the need for people to come out to vote. These set of guys were more focused on the need for that election period to go smoothly without any form of bloodshed as the nation at that time was "charged with negative tension", so the intervention of these celebrities was crucial.

Innocent Idibia a.k.a  2Face was among the few celebrities who sang and advocated for a peaceful election and they got their wish, and President Buhari was elected in 2015 peacefully. An election which was regarded by some as l people- centred i.e the majority of Nigeria decided they wanted Buhari.

Given the little story I have stated so far, is this the same man, who until now has no political affiliations and as been anti-bad government, that some people now call him " politically motivated"?

In case you didn't know, Innocent Idibia has always been known to release conscious content periodically in relation to the situation of the country. An example of such contents is " For Instance, Only Me, etc and many others and Nigerians who are his fans and those who are non-fans can attest to this fact.

Like I stated in a previous article, " Open Letter to Mr President,"Things are Expensive in Nigeria now " and the government which the people voted has failed to perform up to expectation. It has failed in carrying out at least 5% of the promises it made during the campaign, so why won't the people cry out? Nigerians, with the current state of things, do not need a Fela( as people have started comparing him to the afro-pop musician due to the cancellation) or 2Face to lead them in a protest before they charge into the streets and express their grievances to the government.

At this junction, I would like to state that, if you are Nigerian and you live in Nigerian, and you do not feel whatever it is "people have to rant " about, you might not understand the need for the protest by the people against the government of the people.

Back to the issue, What is exactly is hindering the progress of the Buhari regime?

There are various answers to that question, but nonetheless,  it doesn't matter if it's corruption fighting back or the inefficiency on the part of the government, it is the right of the Nigerian people to blame the government which they fought to vote in 2015 to fight against the phenomenon of " corruption". They did not vote the Buhari government in to be beaten by the Corrupt Saboteurs in the Anti-Corruption fight.

Now some issues came up over the protest, and they are;

  •  a counter protest group with the name " I Stand With Buhari" was reported to have emerged too.
  • The Police before agreeing for the protest to proceed, at the initial stage, reportedly ban the protest from going on and at the time of releasing a statement on the 2 Face protest, the police failed to release a statement as regards the counter- protest.
  • Another controversial issue that came up was the statement by controversial Governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose, who said he was willing to join the protest but Nigerians were totally against it, as that will make the protest seem "political"

2 Face, however, cleared the air on this issue by stating that the protest was not for the politician as one "commentator" put it, the governor is part of the bad governments for which the protest is against.

Also, another controversy which is probably the heaviest is that the protest was sponsored by former Governor, Godswill Akpabio,  who is a member of the opposition party and that 2face had been paid by him. This was one of the major reason for the opposition to the protest, although they governor refuted the claim, the question however is;

  • Does a governor or political party need to sponsor a protest before Nigerians come out to protest a litre of Kerosene costing #300?
  • Do they need financial support or celebrity figure before Nigerians can come out to protest the unfair state of things?
  • Things are hard for Nigerians, do they need bribes to realise that before they come out?
  • And if you don't blame the president, who should the Nigerians blame? Saraki, Dasuki, Fayose, Tinubu, Amaechi or Buhari who they stood under the sun and in the rain for to make sure he was elected?

Do you expect Nigerians themselves to fight saboteurs and corrupt officials themselves?

No, they can't because they already made their sacrifice by making sure an incorruptible personality like President Buhari got elected.

Haven't they sacrificed enough?

It's been over a year since the regime was elected, and yet no a single landmark achievement has been achieved.

Now, these questions are for those who are opposed to the 2face protest are opposing the protest, and those who think the protest was just about one individual: 2 Face.

By going against the protest that was lent a voice by 2face, it indicates that;

  1. Things are alright as they are
  2. Nigerians are not frustrated, unemployed and hungry
  3. Nigerians are patient people, they would cope.
  4. The government sponsored you also, to prevent the heat the protest could bring on the government.

In essence, those who oppose the protest are simply saying, we are suffering and we are okay with it, even if the Government of Buhari is doing little or nothing about it" or are of the mindset that " we are fighting against Nigerians protesting for what they voted for, what they staked their life for, and what is rightly and constitutionally theirs?

Or you are of the mindset that " You are fighting those you believe are taking advantage of the grievances of Nigerians by leading the protest. Okay, lets say you are fighting those who are taking advantage, what message are you sending out to those who are frustrated, hungry and unemployed who are joining the protest to voice out their grievance.


In essence, by going against the protest, you are saying, the government is knowingly making Nigerians suffer.

The government needs to just wake up and review what is happening and also look at the recommendation of the now cancelled protest. The requests are reasonable and the message is clear " Deliver what you promised" and i believe Nigerians especially those who are "Hungry, Unemployed and Frustrated " with the state of things to come out and express their grievances and like 2face said, the protest is not about him, and he is not the organiser, if there is any truth to that, the group behind the idea should continue and Nigerians should join them.


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