3 Basic ways to take advantage of TwitterTrends

On Saturday, there was a topic everyone was talking about and it was Remy ma’s diss against track against Onika,  and am certainly not going to comment on the “ character – killing “ track.
On Sunday, it was the Oscars and a mistake was made about one of the major segment of the awards  the best “Picture” segment . Everyone on twitter was talking about it.
By default, if everyone is talking about a topic, it becomes a trend. So the Oscars, Remy Ma and the Nicki Minaj’s issues are in the right sense trends and they have led to the creation of different memes and millions of tweets.
So as a content marketer, who has no business with music or movies, how do you get part of the attention being paid to the Oscars or RemyMa/Nicki Minaj.
First I would like to state some bad practices some content marketer do to take advantage of a trend. The most popular method is posting about something that relates to the trend. For instance, a liquor stores which has Remy Ma alcohol could take advantage of the trend by posting pictures of its product.
This works but the one of the most common practice and the most totally off practice is to simply attach the hash tag to an article or product that has no relation to the trend.
Now away from the misconception, let’s get to how take advantage of those twitter trends; before I state the, it is important that you must be on twitter and are active on twitter because if you are, there is the high possibility that more than one person who will be on the trend would have seen your profile if you are active

1. Act Normal/ Be Personal :

By Being Normal, I mean drop the marketer persona for a moment. Mingle like a normal person and join in the discussion. Post a comment, Post a funny meme even if it’s a serious issue, lend a voice to the issue if you have expertise on the issue. This is advisable for a single – man brand i.e Brands which use the name of the owner as the name of the Brand e.g Jeff Bullas, Linda Ikeji. But it is not advisable for Brands which are public or are owned by more than one person to do this as this will come off to their followers or customers as being bias especially if it’s a General issue like politics.


2. Engagement and Lead Them on:

By Engage, I mean you could reply to people’s tweet on the trend , you could organize a poll on the issue. By doing, your profile which is part of your brand gains visibility depending on the degree of the engagement or the quality of the content (memes, tweet, video, Gif) you post on that particular trend. Any brand (one man or multi – partnered) could do this by posting a funny Gif or meme.
This will not come off as having any heavy implication to the customers/ potential customers or followers rather focus will be on the funny content of the Gif or meme. This is safe for all.

3. Take Advantage:

Finally, the most important part. Your posts, comments shouldn’t be for nothing. You could (after carrying out the above step) point a link or an article or offer that relates to that trend. This will give your article a lot of impression and if it’s good enough a lot of engagement especially if you have been active on that particular trend.

Wrap:   So to take advantage of trends, here are the major points you must understand

· Let them feel you are part of the discussion rather than a marketer trying to sell something
· Lend your voice to the discourse. You don’t have to be serious, you could post a funny comment, meme or something witty. In fact, this increase impressions/ visibility and engagements.
· Take Advantage: Lead them to an article/offer that You have that relates to that topic but if you don’t , don’t force it by posting an article or an offer any way . It will put people off and you would come off as “ a typical marketer” trying to sell his product or come off as sly, trying to take advantage of the moment.
· The second step is bound to make people want to check your profile and your blog or website.
· Finally, the last way to take advantage of trends is writing about something about that trend , you could research with focus on what people need to know about the trend or an “How to” article. So in essence a listicle is advisable

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