Religion and Nigerians; Faithful or Gullible?

When it comes to religion, Are Nigerians Faithful or Gullible? Decide for yourself after you read this couple’s story

On Friday, I heard this story of a couple and their pastor on radio and this was how it was narrated.

According to the narrator, the husband is a banker while the wife is a teacher, and according to the husband the marriage is only 2 years old and the family is currently struggling with him bearing the burden of taking care of his wife’s family.

So cutting the long story short, the wife according to the husband is very gullible and this according to him has almost ruined their marriage but the husband has managed to withstand it nonetheless.

However, his wife’s gullibility reached a new high on a certain issue involving their pastor.

According to the husband, on one faithful Sunday, the couple were called by the pastor and he said it was ministered or revealed to him that the couple should “ Sow the seed of  a car in his life”, apparently, what this means is that the pastor had no car and he wanted the couple to buy him one.

However, the couple in question had only one car. So they couldn’t grant the pastor’s request, but a surprising incident was later to happen.

The wife of this man went ahead to give the couple’s only car to the pastor without the knowledge of the husband.

How did the Husband Know?

The husband discovered what had happened when the pastor called him to express his gratitude for the gift of the car. The husband was infuriated by this but failed to express or give any hint to the pastor that he never knew about his wife giving his car away.

Instead, the husband got angry and left home but not before he told his wife to get the car back from the pastor.

According to him, this was not the first time, his wife was doing such a thing.

The question the Husband is now asking is, Should he go to the pastor to collect his car? End of  Story.

So after the story, the narrator put the question forward to the Audience for their opinion and advice.

While majority supported the idea of collecting the car back, some were of the opinion that the pastor and the wife were having an affair but one caller actually stated that the man should not collect the car back from the man of God

……………..Sighs….. Surprised? it is a fact that some Nigerians still think this way.

So here is the issue, there are numerous cases like this whereby  “ these so-called” religious men of God exploit people and the same verdict given by that one caller is what many would give at times despite the exploitation.

This mindset is as a result of the faith and belief in the “ so called Men of God”, who they see as the intermediary between God and them.

So, Sometimes you cannot blame this Nigerians, but at times you ask yourself, depending on the level of exploitation,  are Nigerians Stupid or Gullible?

For instance, in a recent publication, also in a church in South Africa, a so-called “ Man of God” whose name is “ Light Monyek”  told his members to drink rat poison!   For Goodness sake, what kind of faith is that? A few died in that incident for others to understand the difference between Gullibility and faith.

This level of exploitation is carried out by men of God of different faiths.

Another instance is in a Muslim congregation whereby the leader  asked each member of the congregation  to “ bring all the currencies existing in Nigeria”

This means that from #5, #10, #20, #50, #100, #200, #500, #1000.

This is open exploitation and some Nigerians will simply bring all the currencies

All that currency amount to 1,885 in total and imagine collecting it from over  100 members of the congregation.

This is why some people have advocated  that some of the religious bodies or institutions should be taxed because religious  houses have lost their “ divine substance” and have become “ Business entities”

Tell me, why should a church or mosque generate 10 billion Naira from its congregation to build an entity that the congregation will never benefit from.

It is widely acknowledged that Nigerians are very religious but there is one thing lacking in their passion for religion and that is Knowledge of that particular religion.

Some  Nigerian faithfuls or religious people don’t know why they are asked to do what they do by their pastors or Muslim Cleric. Some Nigerians do not even know what the Holy Book these “ so called men of God “usually reference to exploit them says, about certain things in their lives.

Nigerians have not understood that these “ Men of God” given the fact that they are not among the “ Prophets” appointed by God are just humans. But what makes them different or unique in the eye of the gullible Nigerian is the Knowledge that these “ Men of God” have. That is their trade secret.

These men of God have learnt the holy books, learnt the act of oratory (while it occurs naturally to some) and that is what the Nigerian is lacking.  Knowledge!

Knowledge and Understanding of their religion. This particular point is what the men of God have and have manipulated to exploit the Nigerian.

If the Nigerian could just know this (Knowledge of their religion), then they would see how mere these men of God are, but the Nigerian is too busy with hustle and bustle of the Nigerian Life, he has no time to know about his religion.

So, this is the opening these “ So called Man of God” have tapped into to mislead and exploit the Nigerian.


Learn about your religion and free yourself from the shackles of stupidity/Gullibility .

Also to prove  your man of God is just a mere human, ask them the following questions or  ask them if the Holy Spirit has ministered to them the answers;

  • Have they seen God Before?
  • Ask them if they have seen the prophet Muhammad or Jesus in real life?
  • Ask them if they can tell you what would happen in a few hours from when you asked or what would happen the next day?
  • Have they seen the Holy Ghost?
  • Do they know which day they would die?
  • Do they know which Land they would die?

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