Privacy on Social Media : “The case of BAAD clique of friends”

Last week,  Nigerian entertainment fans got a shocking but delighting announcement plus a lesson privacy on social media.

It is no longer news that the engagement of Bankole Wellington and Adesua Etomi(BAAD) came as a surprise to most of their fans.

Also, the buzz the announcement generated is yet to simmer down coupled with the couple's surprise introduction ceremony on Saturday which as a result led to the emergence of the hashtag of "sliding into DMs" still trending among some female circles.

However, there was a surprising revelation that came to our attention at the time of the announcement.

And the revelation was that almost every member of the couples' "close friends network" who happen to be celebrities themselves knew about the engagement which had taken place since February 2015.

The question is,  how did the secret not leak in this bare -it- all gain-publicity, social media infested world that we have now?

Normally that kind of announcement will have probably gotten on social media even before some friends or family members knew. That is the trend some celebs have set for their followers to follow.

For the first time in a long while since the advent of the bare it all on social media craze,  the fans were kept in the dark and a celebrity's' privacy was kept private.

Kudos to all the friends within the couple's circle even  Ayo Balogun a.k.a Wizkid knew.

As an introvert and respecter of privacy( Laughs inwardly),  seeing fans expressing their surprise at the fact that the celeb friends of the couple knew and didn't spill the news felt good. These clique of friends were the real MVP, although some of them remarked that it was hard to keep but yet they did.

What these clique of friends displayed to many Nigerians by keeping the secrets of their friend is privacy could still be maintained in this incurable social media infested world.

It is rare nowadays, to find such level of secrecy in the midst of all the yearn for more publicity by celeb and fans alike. As we all know, privacy and social media have been made into two opposites but these gents and ladies  who comprise of the couple circle of friends showed us how to marry them.

So lesson one,

 Not everything or every decision that relates to your private life should be released publicly, celebrity or not.

Anything that comes online from your private life is partially or entirely fault because you will have some involvement in the leak.

There are some things that should remain private,  social media should not be a public diary where all private and non-private moments are displayed.

Lesson 2

Another surprising thing that was revealed was the fact that the guy waited for the girl.

Even despite the fact that he was one of the most eligible bachelors in the Nigerian entertainment industry (it was obvious with the way  many girls cried and felt betrayed at the announcement of the engagement on social media) , how could he have waited two whole years despite the hordes of "Jezebel " at his disposal. Girls who would answer and marry him at just a moment's notice.

This shows another old trait that is fast becoming lost,  there are good men and not all men that look as good as Banky are Yoruba demons.

Not every fine boy who has cash is designed to break your heart.

There are good ones out there and this is another lesson specifically for ladies,  there is nothing bad in waiting and doing it the right way.

If Banky and Adesuwa can hold,  you can too.

End of Story


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