Blogging Diaries Episode 4 : How I started on WordPress

Before I set about my WordPress story, it is important I share some inside scoop on my experience on blogger.

First, you open a blogger account by going to or you could search Google for blogger.

After setting up the site, then the core of the blogging process begins and that is the creation of content.

Content Creation is the core of the digital marketing. It is a substance that drives everything from revenue to authority.

On the blogger platform, you have a dashboard which enables you to write and add pictures in your articles.

It is pretty simple.


Like I said previously, it is important before starting to know what your purpose or what need your blog would serve.

For instance, in my case, I built the blog based on the passion of sharing information and the belief that my audience were not informed.

So to start, know your passion and know your target audience, and how that passion can be valuable or useful to them.

This is the first step to the pursuit of happiness in blogging journey.

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Now, to how it all started on WordPress which is obviously the platform which I am now.

Once again, this is a series on a personal digital experience, so am baring it all for you in the basic form for you to understand.

So, I would really love for you to do today if you are interested in opening a blogger account or WordPress now, but prior to that, identify what purpose your blog would serve and who it would serve.

Some people take weeks, some days, but from the moment you started to read this series, I believe you are thinking on that line.

Oh! You haven't. How about you start today?

Let's do it like this. Here are a few to do list if you are reading this.

  • Go to
  • Pick a template
  • Write a post today, even it's your post in 11:59 (I. E if you are ready)
  • Send a link here or a message on any social media platform you belong even if it's Vkontanke. Click Here to Slide into my DM

This is why this post is on the weekend. So you would be able to carry out the tasks.

To my WordPress Story, let's make it next week, I have a secret I don't want to share with you, it would shock you


One thought on “Blogging Diaries Episode 4 : How I started on WordPress

  • November 26, 2018 at 5:29 am

    Like seriously, I can relate to this. This is my journey and now I think I would retire as freelancer which is what I do on fiverr now.

    Welldone. Good luck. Here is my link, if you want to stop by Fiverr anytime


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