Depression by Her; A Simple Guide On How You Can Handle It

                           This is an opinion piece on how to handle depression by HER

Depression is a state of mind in which everything and everyone around you seems not to matter. You feel your whole world is crumbling. This feeling could be as a result of previous experience in one’s life, it could be a loss of a loved one, heart break, loss of job among several others. We handle these feelings differently, some resort to committing suicide, so people become withdrawn from the rest of the world and become shadows of themselves. Overcoming depression can be difficult but you need to fight for survival, don’t let your mental state of mind take charge of you.
  • Talk to other person(s)

How to handle depression : Talking to others   Talking to people not necessarily a therapist but acquaintances, possible people you would never meet again might help since we are scared of been judged. When you talk to people who don’t really know you, you stand a better chance of expressing your views and since they won’t see you again you really don’t care what people say/ think about you. This helps you clear your head and you really don’t need to spend much money on a therapy session.
  • Be fully Engaged

  Technology, Digital, Tablet, Digital Tablet, Computer Engage in activities that would take up your time such that you don’t have space for self pity. Been fully occupied with work, friends e.t.c doesn’t give you space to wallow in depression.
  • Give your life a new meaning

Have a reason to live again, have a reason to wake up every day. Have set goals and agendas.  Set goals for yourself and try to achieve it. This would help you want to live life again and you would have a reason to be alive.
  • Love yourself

  Learn to develop self love, always love yourself first. Appreciate yourself and don’t let whatever anyone says about you put you down. Lack of self love is what leads to depression. Love yourself first then you can love others.  Facebooktwitter

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