Episode 2: Blog Diaries; How it all began

                              This is a narration of my experiences in the  digital marketing world

After my last post on how personally crashed my blog and the lesson from it.

So I thought it would be important I started a series on how I started blogging.

One of the reason,  I decided to do this, was because I get the question of how to blog very often from people.

Although most people ask me this based on the objective/ purpose of making blogging a side hustle i.e. They want to go into blogging to generate money

However, there have been a few who are passionate about it,  who just want to do what I do but in different view and mindset.

These sometimes scared me. v


Because I look at my blog and the personality which they have come to meet, which is me,  I discovered am still learning myself.

I still read and research on those topics that are I consider "dark side of blogging and social media.

These are topics that I still find difficult, e.g. Website designing, Conversion optimization based on consumer behavior (All we have are various opinions, there is no clear cut and sure method of gaining conversion)

I have so many unread emails due to my subscription to many expert sites, newsletters,  in order to learn more.

This is the question that scares me, How does a learner teach a learner?

Recently I was asked to speak at an event on the issue of blogging on a professional level.


The thing is as much as I have described myself as a learner.

I have been learning for over 4 years.

So you can consider me, an experienced learner not exactly a pro like the Hubspot and Moz of this world.

So in this story,  I would narrate how it all started to guide you if you feel you are just getting started in the blogging or digital marketing world.

It all started in the year 2012, from my dad's desktop.

First, I loved computers.  The experience I had at seeing a working computer at that time was pure joy.

This is because, for many years, the desktop in our home never worked because it never had a C.P. U and I couldn't afford a laptop but as a person, I loved writing and expressing my thoughts on paper and to those who were willing to listen.

Luckily for me in 2010, not only did we have a CPU to use with the laptop,  we also had the internet.

Also, it is worthy of mention, that years before the CPU arrived, I always stayed at the desktop and typed away on the keyboard.

Although there was nothing to be seen because it wasn't working.

So, when the CPU arrived plus the internet, I was elated.

 I was always in the computer room which was my dad's room.

Meanwhile, what kick started my digital journey was a class I went to where I was taught basic website design

I jotted something down but I don't much of the knowledge were left in my head by the time I left the class.

This was before the CPU arrived.

Fast forward to the arrival of the CPU, I was introduced the world of social media, basically Facebook. Prior to that time, I had a Facebook account just because everybody had it, but with the availability of a working computer and the unlimited internet. I was willing to explore. So every day, due to the availability of internet, I visited many sites, some good and some bad. It was my sojourn on the internet that led to me coming across interesting things that I never knew was happening around the world. In my mind, I thought nobody knew,  so I decided to share these stories. Everyday I shared stories from different new sources, and that time I didn't care about likes or comments.  All I wanted was share information on facebook. After doing this for a while, I decided to create a page on my facebook.  During this time, Facebook had organic reach. Everything was organic on facebook.  It was not ad infested as it is now. So I created the page and I named it the collosieum.  The page still exist though. I picked the name because I wanted the platform  to represent a space where all knowledge and thought met to share knowledge. So fast forward to 2011/12, our CPU crashed again.


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