Episode 3 : Blog Diaries : How It All Began( continued)

No system. No facebook, but that did not stop my passion for sharing information, although I had no medium to do so. So I wrote and wrote until one faithful day which I would regard as my Eureka moment.

I decided to create a website, not literally. I asked someone to build it for me. Thankfully I knew a friend who was a computer science student,  and he said he would help with it. So my friend after starting the site,  due to his busy schedule decided what I needed was a blog,  according to him at the time,  it was a mini blog and it was easy to operate. I did not care, I was too eager to own a personal platform for sharing information. So after months, my friend transferred the work to another person and this is where I want you to pay apt attention. This dude which my friend transferred the job to was more like a student of my friend who was close to the end of his internship So to cut the long story short,  I told him what I wanted,  and he said ok. He said I would need to pay some money to do the whole thing. It was a very small amount, less than $4 Meanwhile, unknown to me, it was a blogger account and blogger.com as we all know is free. After many months, the site was still not ready but one fateful day, when I called to inquire about the work on the website, he told me I was going to pay for DNS for the blogger account.

Although I never knew what DNS meant, I was not eager to pay because he was yet to deliver the job

Fortunately, My friend one day asked me, about the development of the site, and I informed on how his intern had disappointed me, so he decided to take the site from the guy and he built it but it took months. So, in summary, the blog took a year!

Disclaimer: Building a basic blog does not take more than minutes Finally, I pleaded with my friend that I wanted the blog to be operative by the beginning of the Brazil World Cup 2014.

Thankfully the set date was met but the site was missing different parts and some sides were not functional. That was a minor worry but the major problem that I had was the fact that i had a blog but no system or laptop. How was I going to blog?  How did I get the first post on? The answer is simple. I went to a cyber cafe to post my first news on the blog. I took pictures from Google and it was quite easy to navigate the blogger platform I was given. I posted my first post from a cyber cafe and I continued this practice for a few years. I even tried to change the look of the site by downloading free themes and inserting them on the site editor because the site was badly structured, So, a cousin gave me a platform to help with this issue. The site was Squarespace, but when I visited the site, it was too complicated, so I stayed with blogger. Didn't you have a phone? You might ask. Actually, I did but the problem was that it didn't have the capacity to maintain the load of the blogger platform. So during these initial operational years of my blog, I was operating from cyber cafes, using friends who had bigger phones (secretly and openly) would complain sometimes, some didn't. After a few years, I got an old android phone which had the capacity of accessing the blogger platform. It was refreshing to the heart. With time, I discovered there was an app called Bloggeroid, which  I could use in accessing the platform. It was pure bliss. I continued using this, I began by writing articles, my blog during this time was more of a personal diary until this phone crashed again in 2014. It affected me but early in 2015, I got a black RM laptop from an aunt who lived overseas. At this time also, I got unlimited data. Everything was perfect. At this time I was able to organise the blog and define my objective for the blog which started as a news and opinion site with a red background. So while I curate news from various sites, my friend whose laptop I used before getting a laptop, wrote on history and movies and relationships /music. We were off to a good start, we posted consistently.  I slept late and woke up early curating content from other sites.  Sometimes I didn't sleep; I wanted to beat others to the news. My competition was a Nigerian gossip Blog, so I tried to copy everything she did and beat her to the news. Every time I posted a story, I would check Google and most times I would see my blog on the first page of blog but I never knew what I saw was simply False Hope How? True it was my site is, when you clicked on the link, it worked but how was it wrong?

The fact is, for you to open a blogger account, you need to have a Gmail account, so by virtue of that, you are likely to open a Google plus account

 For instance,  if you post a trending issue on your blog, it will appear on the first page of Google with the link not from your blog but from your Google plus account and my blog was synced with my Google plus account, so anytime I posted, I always saw my post on Google’s first page.

This was a boost for me because whenever I checked out of the million searched results and I saw my post showing on the first page. It felt good

It was many months after that a developer shared this energy draining information with me.

So, when I tried to check for my page ranking without the Google plus, it was farther than I could search for, it was not even on the first 20 pages of Google.

Also, the developer friend who gave me the insight on the Google plus issue, also talked about moving to WordPress, I looked at him and said, what about all my work, and he said I could transfer them. Also it would also improve my ranking.

This last point was the only one that kept echoing in my head. I wanted to improve my rankings.

So, after so many months of scepticism and seeing my page falsely on the Google first page with Google plus link…. I had to leave the false hope[.

Hence, the beginning of my WordPress Journey.


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