How To Own Your Happiness; A Short Guide By Naphy

 Sometimes I find myself being angry at others, partly blaming them for my emotional state, other times I wish the whole world can feel the way am feeling or everything should stop because am having a moment or having a bad day.

Have you ever heard the statement that no one person is responsible for your happiness or your mood?! Well, it is the truth!that no one is responsible for how you feel. You are the one person that can make yourself happy, the others in your life are a bonus, an icing on the cake.

Not your lover, husband, wife, child or even your twin is responsible for your happiness. You are responsible for how you feel. Stop blaming your partner for not making you happy, you need to be happy from the inside, you need to make peace with the inner you and stop making little things get to.

Once you understand this fact you would be a better you and you wouldn't seem like you are burdening  the people in your life with the responsibility of always making you happy. That responsibility is yours !! By Burdening other people with the responsibility of making you happy,  makes them shadows of themselves around you and it doesn’t make them happy people either.

So learn to own your own happiness such that even when you find yourself alone, or w in a group, you will radiate happiness to the people around you.



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