My Blog Diaries(Episode 1) : The Blog Crash

What would you call setting goals and trying to achieve them?

“Dedication or Commitment”?

Wait! Keep that thought, What would you call those quotes on Instagram that always sings about practising what you want to do now and the dangers of procrastinating?

Inspiration, motivation?

For me, these past few days it has been everything but inspiring & motivating. Interesting things have happened these past few days to my digital lifestyle.

Where do I start?

Okay, here goes. I already had it in mind to implement some new SEO trend, especially  optimising the topical structure/ Semantic

For a long time, but I always procrastinated, so you see where those Instagram quotes come in, the Instagram quotes had little to do with rather it was  a post by a new blogger friend of mine, who operates a blog focusing on his personal life who in fact motivated me to affect those SEO trends.

The guy who just started the blog a few months ago, has over 3,000 hits without hacks in a week. Small but for a starter. It is amazing traffic.

How did he get the traffic?

The blogger had more following on social media, so he leveraged on it, but in my opinion, that was not the only thing that caused traffic, because apparently many bloggers do have quite a number of audience of social media, and although as much as they try to leverage their following to increase their blog traffic, it hasn’t reached the fine figures of the blogger friend of mine.

Reason is…. My blogger friend has a fine blog and he writes damn good content, not only good, the write-ups are relatable to any youth or anybody who has something to do with youth lifestyle.

The blog is focused on him and his lifestyle, no digressing, and he gives advice on personal stuff which happens to most of us on a daily basis.

So after seeing his dedication along with his numbers (traffic), I decided to call my developer on Sunday to help implement some SEO changes, especially a restructure of my pages based on topics, this move is one of Google’s latest Algorithms.

My developer, however, said he was too busy despite my pleas, but I was able to negotiate giving me 30 minutes of his time on any day he wanted.. He reluctantly agreed.

However, there was this voice in my head that was inspiring me to try the restructure myself, even though there are companies who offer the paid service for the work.

So, I listened to that voice, and I set to work on my blog. After Several attempts I got it.

This is what I wanted to do: create a few pages, the target was 4, but I ended up making 5 and those pages were digital marketing, travel, life hacks, opinions and others.

First, I created a digital marketing page for everything that had to do with SEO, blogging, content marketing, conversion and of course my digital diaries, of which of this is the first episode.

Then I created an opinion tab and a travel page,  as this was basically the niches which I released more content on.

Although about 3 years ago, I started out the blog as a Newsblog but just recently I discovered that niche was way saturated after many sleepless nights and 4. Am naps. I tried various strategies with my blogs during this time and one of my favourites was reporting news in Emojis.

So after creating tabs, how was I going to manage about 2k written News content & articles on the blog?

I certainly was not willing to delete them. So I decided to put my previous pages, which were about 7 pages under the 5 pages.

So how do I put the pages under pages in WordPress? This might sound relatively simple for some of you, but at that time Google was my only answer to the question.

So I consulted the world number one search engine and it didn’t disappoint.

After following Google’s instruction, I was feeling myself (in onika’s voice). So, after accomplishing this task… I decided to stress my luck further, but unknown to me, I just went in search of Pandora’s Box.

And this came in the form of my blogs’ theme update section. Normally I update my themes and just look the other way, but this time, after updating my theme, I saw a notification to install theme grill demo imports. Although I was sceptical, I installed it.

I just wanted my blog to meet up to  the latest SEO trends in every way possible.

So, after installing, the plugin requested that I perform some actions which my subconscious was very skeptical about, because I had never had cause to download and reinstall a demo on my WordPress dashboard.

That was how Pandora’s Box was flung open and I factory resetted my blog.

It wiped out every customization I have made on my blog since its inception.

Although prior to the reset, The plugin displayed a prompt stating that “if I installed the plugin, it will remove all customizations and also replicate what I had before”

Please what does replicate mean? All I saw was the word “replicate”, so I installed the plug-in . This led to the full opening of my personal digital Pandora box.

At this time, I still had not known what I had done to my blog, but, what brought my attention to the damage I had done was when the plugin I installed which caused the damage asked me to update after installing the theme I downloaded.

So I clicked the blue-colored update button and after several attempts. The update failed. I was surprised; no update had failed on my dashboard before. So I thought it was my network, so I tried again but it failed. So the voice inside my head that got me started in the first place, prompted me to refresh my page.

Lo and Behold. My blog was overthrown. My content, the tabs and pages were all gone and the content on the blog were written in Latin and you know what’s shocking, my blog is connected to all my social media pages.

So if you checked my blog & the social media pages at the time, all you would see was Latin Gibberish.

So at that moment, I alerted my developer that I had an emergency. I contacted him around midnight. Thankfully he responded, the guy at this point, although without saying it, was sure to think I was a pest.

So after discussing, he simply said: “I had initiated a factory reset” of my entire blog and I had no backup.

So, this taught me a lesson, which is that always have a backup for everything, especially in the digital space. These are the kind of quotes you should be reading.

Although there was nothing wrong with that quote on procrastination, I couldn’t help feeling it all started the whole thing.

No backup and I had factory reset the blog, and it was continually posting Latin gibberish.

This was the state of the blog till Monday morning. I felt weak and frustrated just by looking at the blog, so I left the blog and continued to send messages to my developer.

But this time he refused to reply any of my messages. I was on my own.

Have you ever heard of the quote that says “It is only in time of adversity, that’s when your creative juices kick in”

Yeah, it is true. And my blog factory reset story is a perfect example.

After sending 10 messages to the developer guy and no reply, I decided to try things for myself but I had not seen anything yet.

At this point, I would like to state a recommendation and, if you are hosting your blog on name cheap, trust me, you are in good hands, they have one of the best customer services ever.

Take it from a guy who was digitally down and desperate.

So like I said, my trouble was just getting started.

The first trouble I had after resetting my blog was that I got 30 plug-in notifications that needed updating and my WordPress version which was up to date in one day had become obsolete.

How did I get here? My entire plugin list  and WordPress version was up to date before the reset.

On that Monday, in my desperate to restore my blog, I contacted name cheap for a backup and they informed me I had none. In fact, I was not surprised, I never backup anything but they discovered I had an old backup from 2016.

I was happy, but the customer service lady warned that it was a very old version, but I was not patient, I was overcome by the desperation to get things back to normal that I couldn’t listen to the voice of reason.

So I restored the backup, and that was how I got 30 plugin update notifications and an old WordPress version.

This was just the beginning of my troubles, although I didn’t feel so at that moment. I believed I would just update everything and everything will be up to date.

But as I clicked update all, I waited and waited, nothing happened. Nothing updated. This had never happened before. Then, I attempted to update my WordPress version itself, the update failed to.

Then, I refreshed my homepage, what I got further increased my frustration. When I refreshed my homepage, it displayed a message stating my blog was under maintenance.

I felt tired, frustrated, nothing was working and the blasted demo (after the maintenance message cleared off) was continually updating gibberish on my blog and my social media pages.

However, fortunately for me, I got one thing right that day. I destroyed the “evil plug-in” which started it all. I called it evil because that was how I felt.

You know what’s funny, this plugin recommended another plugin named “ WordPress reset”, If I wanted to delete the plugin I initially downloaded.

I muttered under my breath “Get thee behind me Satan”.

The WordPress reset would clear everything on your blog along with your content.

Your blog would be Fresh, as in totally clean and bare. Your blog would be without any design, customization. That’s back to Square One.

So after deleting the plugin (the plugin was so evil that the creator allowed customer service privileges for only premium members)

How evil! After deleting the Plugin, Namecheap came to my rescue with respect to updating the blog. The customer service guy who attended to me with respect to my updating problem was very patient. He fixed all the plugins and updated the WordPress versions from my own backend (although I already tried to before contacting them) and that was the beginning of the end of that dark week for my blog.

So the next thing I did was to edit the demo out through the customization tab on my WordPress dashboard and I also deleted all the gibberish caused by the demo theme plugin.

And my blog was better looking thereafter


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