Blog Diaries (EP 5): My WordPress Journey Begins

Let's get to the WordPress part, and here is the secret I wanted to tell you.

"Did you know I never set up a WordPress blog myself?

The website am currently operating was not started by myself, the set up was done by a developer friend of mine( I seem to have them everywhere), although that is not to say I have not set up one before.

Remember the Collosieum, the first Facebook page I had, I created a WordPress site for it.

Now at this point, some of you have already opened the blog and right now, your URL (that thing that starts with HTTP or www that takes you to where you are going) already has .blogspot.

Chop Knuckle! That's a Nigerian slang for a job well done.

Now at this point, let me state this, there is a difference between  "www.yournameBlogspot"  and  ".yourblogname. Com"

Although we get to that in my domain story, the difference is that one address is not entirely owned by you, for instance, Facebook is the owner of the platform where your timeline and billions of other timelines reside or occupy.

In essence, Facebook owns the house where your timeline lives, it is your host of your timeline, you are just a visitor.

For instance, or username.

Every address on Facebook always has in front of it.

So in .blogspot, you don't own it, you are just a visitor who borrowed space on whatever platform you choose but  ".Whateverblog. Com" means it is entirely yours but for a fee/rent

That is, you own a property on the internet.

So back to WordPress, how many times have I repeated that line?

So I didn't set it up, my big bad secret but there's more BUT AS IT IS CUSTOM, I WOULD SHARE 5 important HACKS FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO HAVE OPENED WORDPRESS

  • 1 – Keep WordPress themes, plugins, and core up to date. ...
  • 2 – Check your plugins and themes for continued support. ...
  • 3 – Run a WordPress security plugin. ... Example Akismet
  • 4 – Don't login on public WiFi networks.
  • 5 – Backup your site. Don't let what happened to me, happen to you.

  • These are not the only ones but there are other basic hacks that you will help you to operate your WordPress blog easy.

  • Click here to get a full list

So, I didn't really share any experience in this post, just an explanation, so this week I would be sharing much more earlier my own experience on the domain issue so you might want to watch out for that episode.


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