Blog Diaries( Episode 6):The Domain Story & Debate

First of all, I must apologize that this post on my blog diaries came late, I tried to make it here early, but some things wouldn't . Nevertheless, here we are, let this story begin

It is no longer a secret that my developer friend setup the website although he charged much more than the intern did.

I paid quite a lot for it but this time it was worth it.

The reason why he set it up was that I was not planning to be hosted on a WordPress domain.

I no longer wanted my blog to show""

I wanted to own my own website without the suffix( or although some of you might say it is simple to do, for me at that time it wasn't because I didn't know how.

Besides, I don't know anything about website design, that was part of the reason I hired the site developer to change the look of the blog.

However, before he started work on it, we had to buy a domain.

A domain is the address of a house(website)on the internet. So there are plenty of places where you can buy domains.

Popular ones are Go daddy, site ground, Name cheap, Blue host, Hubspot.

Now, the friend picked site ground to host the convinced n.

Yeah Host! Although I owned a property on the internet, I still had to pay rent for where the land (site) was located.

What's the difference then? The former option seems better because it is free, right?

The difference is, unlike the www.1creekblog, I could name my site my own name without any suffix

Here, I had exclusive right to my own name and site content.

For instance, there was an issue that happened in Nigeria involving a popular blogger who copied somebody's work and didn't give the dude credit for the work.

You know what the guy did?

He simply reported to Google and Google shut down her site, all because of one article.

Am not saying copy but if you want to be serious about blogging, pay for your hosting.

Also another advantage, it makes your domain look professional.

At least that was one of the reasons I moved from to

Not convinced you should pay for something when there is a free version of it?

For some, it is okay to use the hosted names i.e. your or your

While for some, who are control freaks like me, staying on your own might sound cool.

Who's with me?

Now, why can't I host my own site?

Yeah, you can if you have the bucks to spend on sophisticated computers and software.

If you do, you can even run your own hosting and domain services company.

You never might know, I could patronise you.

So, back to my story, I bought my domain on site ground and also hosted my site on site ground because they offer both services.

Now let me tell you something about site ground, although I no longer use their services. I use NameCheap now.

Siteground is one of the best host you could ever use. Back in 2015/2016, they were among the top 5 best hosting service companies.

Why did I leave?

It was too expensive after the first year. On site ground when you host on the server for the first time, you get to pay a small fee ( it was $3.95 Per month) and that fee covers for as long as you want to use their servers.

So long it is your first registration but after your first registration, if you want to register again, you pay a much higher price.

My mistake?

I paid for only the first year and I couldn't afford the second year, so I had to move.


If you don't leave or migrate after your payment as expires, you would lose all your content.

So, that is how I left ssite groundand that is how I met my favorite host for now, name cheap. Like the name, it is cheap and they have got quality customer service who get problem fixed.

Name Cheap Vs Siteground.

Sorry to sound like a traitor, but I promised to say everything but the truth in these series.

Siteground is better, 😥. You get 99.9 up time i.e your site never crashes, and their customer service is top quality.

Siteground is almost perfect except their fees but I still love my name cheap

You can join me if you can't afford expensive hosting.

Most domain hosting site, also provide site hosting services.

So my wordpress site came with the whole package. Domain and site hosting.

It was like I was starting all over again but it was worth it.

Here is another shocker, this piece of news would surprise you if you had been reading before.

The developer of the website finished the site in less than 1week!

While my blogger account which was free took a year.

Maybe if I had paid more, I would have gotten the blog earlier.

When the site developer handed over the website to me.

I was amazed!

The site looked 100% better than my blogger account.

It's like pimping a pickup to a rolls royce. It was a makeover that pleased me to no end.

Although I felt I was going to miss the simplicity of my blogger account.

So it was like back to square one in terms of look because I was able to transfer my content back to blogger.

So if you have been following and you already have a WordPress account, here are some tricks on WordPress for starters and also here is how to move your content and redirect back to blogger.

Sneak preview from the link on WordPress Tricks: Allow users to Subscribe to Comments

Comment subscription checkbox Normally when users leave a comment on your website, they will have to manually visit the same article again to see if you or other users replied to comments. Wouldn’t it be better if users were able to get email notifications about new comments on your posts? Here is how to add this feature to your website. Simply install and activate the Subscribe to Comments Reloaded plugin. Upon activation, you need to visit Settings » Subscribe to Comments to configure the plugin settings.   See you next episode!Facebooktwitter

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