Buy me a Baby- My 4-year old shocking request by Naphy

My four-year-old son was never a fan of babies, so it was surprising when all of a sudden he started playing with his friend’s twin baby sisters. So I asked him one day if he wanted a baby and he answered in the affirmative, he even said he wanted twins.

However,  his next statement is what triggered the writing of this post.

He said I should buy him a baby and  I asked from where? He answered from the market, then I said to him I don’t have money to buy a baby yet.

I found this statement disturbing due to the fact that he thought babies were bought in the market and the dilemma of how to explain to a 4year old the process of making a baby struck me

This got me thinking, is it time to educate him on sexuality, reproduction?

I was confused, my sister said to me, you should have told him babies are gotten in the hospitals and not in the market.

I thought to myself, What if someday we go to the hospital and he refuses to leave until he gets his own baby (😄) ?

So, let's just say  I panicked at my first innocent confrontation on sex from my innocent child.

Well, I later realized that life, through the eyes of a child is simple, but, we adults are the ones who complicate issues.

Children are naïve and innocent, whatever question they ask is out of innocence, there is nothing attached. It is our way of viewing some of their interesting question like the one my 4-year old asked which complicates things.

Simply correcting his view of buying babies would have sufficed but I was scared of subsequent questions. Why not answer the present question and wait for the future?

However, on the other hand, The request my son made is not far from the truth especially here in Nigeria.

Although not buying a baby, but actually the financial capacity you need before having a baby or to take care of the baby when it comes

With the present state of the economy, you need to be financially stable to bring forth a child to the world because the expenses involved in the care of a child is quite a lot. A friend told me a pack of Huggies diaper (pack of 84) cost N20,000, which if you aren’t careful won’t last you a month.

Hmmm, one really needs to look for money before buying a baby not to talk of twins in the case of my darling son.


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