Getting Rid of Colour Run Stains in 5 Easy Steps

Colour run

Colour run stains can be extremely annoying and frustrating, especially in white garments and bright colours. Most times, they are a result of doing laundry with clothes with running colours.

These stains become permanent especially when the impact has been left on the cloth for quite a long period of time. These stains can be unpredictable, and at the same time difficult to get rid of. However just before you toss that beautiful dress in the bin after a messy encounter, there are ways to get rid of colour run stains, and fast too!

  1. Soak in cool water: After noticing the colour run stains on a set of clothes, it is time to soak them in soapy water to reduce the effect of the colour run on the clothes. You can soak them for as long as 25 minutes, to allow the soap properties penetrate and work justly.
  • Rewash with a lot of detergents: Immediately you spot that your clothes have been affected by colour run from other pieces of clothing, get them washed again and this tie with lots of detergents. If this is done fast enough, there are chances the stains will be reduced to nothing.
  • Use soft shampoo: The advantage of using shampoo to get rid of colour run stains will only be gotten if the stains are noticed early enough, that is even before they out to get dried. Apply a moderate amount of shampoo on the affected part and then wash in cool water. This will help get rid of the stain, especially on bright coloured clothes.
  • Use bleach: The use of bleach can come in quite handy when dealing with colour run stains. You can either decide to wash them in a machine or tackle them with your bare hands. The results are quite the same. However, attention should be given to the amount of bleach to be used, in order not to ruin the clothes all together. You can also refer to the washing instructions found on the pack of the bleach product.
  • Rinse as many times as possible: After re-washing thoroughly, rinse the affected clothes thoroughly with cool water to neutralize from all the friction of the wash done earlier.

If you get lucky after following these simple steps, then next time,  you might want to watch out for clothes with thick dye by carrying a test on the fabric before washing with other clothes. Remember that a simple stain can ruin all the awesome beauty on any piece of clothing.


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