5 Amazing and Natural Headache Hacks You Should Try

natural headache tips

In a universe where there is a constant need to meet up with the ever-changing demands of a dynamic world, it is no wonder that stress levels are always on the increase. This increase in stress levels leads to a variety of health problems and one of such common predicament is a headache. According to research, it comes in two categories; Primary headaches and secondary headaches. Approximately 64–77% of people have a headache at some point in their lives.

Headaches are caused by brain blood vessels working abnormally. Most times the pain felt is as a result of the dilation of the blood vessels that is caused by severe stress. Headaches, though one of the most common health problems experiences by the large population, are also life-threatening sometimes.  They affect the general functioning of the body and could also be a sign that the body needs rest. Headaches are caused by a lot of factors and care is not taking could lead to severe health problems. However, despite the peculiarity of this ailment, there are natural ways to deal with it.

  1. Hot or cold compress:  This method has been tested and trusted to deal with primary headaches that not related to other severe ailments such as brain tumour, or brain cancer. This method can be done using compressors bought over the counter or simply by inventing. To do this at home, all you need do is pour a little amount of uncooked rice in a piece of fabric and close the loose ends. Microwave the fabric with the rice in it for about on low heat and apply to the forehead or cheek. The same method also applies to cold compress.  The compress should last longer than a 10 minute period to avoid complications.
  2. Massage:  A good massage at the temples would also reduce the pressure that arises as a result of the dilation of the blood vessels. You can do this by rubbing your temples on both sides in ant clockwise manner or have someone do this for you while you are positioned in a relaxed way. Your position has a great effect on the efficacy of this method.
  3. Hydrate yourself:  Drinking water has an amazing effect on headaches. At the instant, you notice the arrival of a throbbing headache, get your stomach filled with at least two glasses of water while you await the results, relaxing. It is always important to relax while trying out any of the proposed methods, in order to get the best results.
  4. Sleep:  Sleep is a natural remedy for stress. This is because the nerves are calm while sleeping and every other activity that may contribute to stress is also put on hold while the body rejuvenates. Sleep is the body’s way of replenishing all the used up energy that may be in one way or the other contributing to the headache situation. It is better to sleep in a relaxed manner (on a bed with a soft pillow), however, if this is unavailable then a short map can still do the trick.
  5. Shower, shower, shower:  There nothing as soothing as a cold bath as this helps to reduce the tension in the nerves and also gradually eliminates the headache. However, care should be taken that the body temperature is not in sharp contrast to the temperature of the water. When this happens, it ends up aggravating the situation as the body would likely react to the sudden temperature change taking over.

Body aches, neck pain, eye discomfort and many others are what lead to this disturbing health problem. However, with serious care and awareness on stress levels, this can be somewhat avoided. Try any of these natural remedies and know what works for you.


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