#NigeriaDecides Update: INEC Announces Presidential Elections Results

Nigeria Presidential Elections

The recent presidential election in Nigeria has brought about a lot of sparks and speculations. Tension has heightened in major parts of the country with regards the announcement of the 4 results by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Although, the elections were cancelled in some parts of the country due to various reasons including violence and disenfranchisement, the results are still being announced in batches even as PDP rejects the outcomes of the electoral process carried out on Saturday 23rd of February 2019. In major states of the country, the ruling party; APC is leading against their major opponents PDP. This has sparked wild projections about the outcome of the elections, as most are of the opinion that Mohammadu Buhari of the APC (Action Peoples Congress) would gain victory over his opponent Atiku Abubakar of the PDP (Peoples Democratic Party).

Currently, the results of the election show that Mohammadu Buhari  leads with a margin of over 1 million votes after gaining victory in more than 10 states states in the country. APC  is leading with 6,153,880 votes while PDP has 5,149,869 votes as at Tuesday, 26th February 2019 as Buhari also won 1,464,768 votes in Kano and Atiku had only 391,593 votes . Despite the speculations the rules to declaring the winner include:

  1. Winning a majority of overall votes(have the leading number of votes)
  2. Winning 25 percent of votes from 24 states out of 36

If this can’t be determined, then the top two candidates will have another run (second round). The results from various region in the country are still coming and all we can do is wait for the final verdict.


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