The Ultimate Guide to Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing

The craze to create a presence online and maintain visibility has been on the increase in this age of digital trends. Gradually digital trends have taken over and marketing has been simplified using the various digital channels. In recent times, social media marketing has been optimized by marketers as a great B2B (business to business) and B2C (Business to customer) tool, with startups and small businesses taking full advantage of its basic accessibility to customers and clients, at the comfort of the home and office. 

However, despite the high increase and the tilt towards social media marketing as opposed to traditional means of marketing, there are a few tricks that are involved in making progress, which also include a clear understanding of what social media entails and how to apply these tips to yield business sales, this being the ultimate goal. Social media is a selling tool; everybody is trying to sell something, in one way or the other and this also includes personal interests. Here are 10 tips to building a great brand on social media.

  Start with the end in mind: When thinking about building your brand on social media, always begin with the end in focus. Outline your reasons for adopting this type of marketing and map out ways you can effectively carry out your strategy. If you can't do this all by yourself, then you may need a social media team to do this.

  • Engage, Engage and Engage: One of the major rules of social media is to engage as much as possible. This singular act would buy the trust of your customers in no time because no one wants to build a relationship with a seemingly distant stranger. Never forget to engage.
  • You are not for everyone: This is one mistake most brands make when they delve into the social media marketing space. It is worthy of note that you can't be everything to everyone and still serve the same purpose. Identify your target audience and craft your messages and campaigns to suit their needs. Don’t focus on THE crowd, focus on YOUR  crowd.
  • Offer the best: Simply because it is on social media, doesn’t guarantee quick sales. You need to also offer your potential customers the best as this would go a long way in your product review eventually. Bad product review is always equal to bad social media. A strong online presence doesn’t permit for settling for less. Always offer the best.
  • Spot your leads: Another rule of social media is to be data conscious, as this would give a lead on where your potential customers are coming from and what they really like to see. Turning a blind eye to customer behaviour could ruin your social media presence ultimately.
social media marketing
  • Invest: Social media marketing is one of the best marketing tools with a seemingly high ROI (Return on Investment). Most times, you reap more than you invest and in the long run, recover all that you put into establishing an appealing presence online. Human resource is also important as you may not be able to handle it all alone.
  • Start with free sales: This is majorly for those who are still beginners at establishing the online presence of their brand. To attract the attention of your potential customers, offer free services and add Call To Actions to the free products and services you are rendering. (e.g to win this prize, like and comment on this post.)
  • Reward loyal customers: To remain visible and credible, reward your loyal customers as they have now become huge stakeholders in your community. They will, in turn, defend your brand in the face of distrust and threats alike. It is very important to maintain good customer service.
  • Never lose focus: Business oppression is very real, however the ability to maintain your focus and keep pushing on is priceless. Always be focused and don’t derail. Keep pushing for what your brand stands for no matter what.
  • Be consistent: There is no marketing strategy that beats consistency. Consistency is a successful tool in the hands of social media marketing. If you are constantly in people’s faces ( for the right reasons of course) then you are on the path to making great and steady sales in your business

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