5 Cost-effective Ways To Spend Your Valentine with Your Partner

The 14th day of February has now been established worldwide as a day for lovers. Lovers all around the world now look forward to this day to express their heartfelt emotions to their partners, buying them gifts and planning amazing surprise dates. The common goal is that the day is marked and celebrated with someone or people you care about.  Here are 5 amazing ways to spend the Valentine without breaking the bank;

Valentine 3
  1. Plan a dinner date…at home: There are many ways to show that you care without breaking the bank. One of such is planning a dinner date at the comfort of your home. You can decide to cook the dishes on the menu, or have them order and delivered to your doorstep. You can also spice it up with candle lights and soft playing music. The advantage of a home dinner is that you get to customize it to your taste.
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  2. Have a picnic: The goal here is to spend less to get more. When it comes to celebrating Valentine, the gestures are more important. You can decide to plan a picnic date with your lover in a park or a place that you can gain easily gain access to. Bring along your food and drinks and let the atmosphere take over.

3. Go to the movies: Most people may not like the idea of seeing a movie on valentine’s day but it is one of the cost-effective options that are available. The interesting part is that most cinemas actually have discounts for couples on valentine’s day. It would be nice to take advantage.

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4. Beach fun: If you are lucky enough to reside close to a private beach of any sort, then this option is definitely for you. Book an evening package, that allows for you and partner to take a stroll in the cool night breeze on the beach.

5. Go sightseeing:  It’s fresh and exciting. You and your partner can plan to visit fun places you have always dreamed about on a very low budget. All you need are snacks for the road while you enjoy the romantic trip.


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