All You Need To Know About The Actresses On Vogue’s April Edition

Cutting across diverse geographical regions, the theme of the Vogue's April edition was being set. The latest edition which is yet to be released would feature about 14 famous actresses who come from different cities in the world.

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The shoot had the actresses converge to showcase their unique strengths and also share funny bits and scenarios of their lives. Popular Nollywood actress; Adesua Etomi was also among the 14 stars that would be featured on the editorial cover. speaking of her experience, she mentioned;
“I love, love, love Nollywood, I feel like she’s my baby, and it’s my responsibility, along with a lot of other performers, to grow her.” Just like her, award-winning Scarlett Johnson, who is due to feature in the last series of the Avenger movie-Endgame also shared her most frightening period in the industry.

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The South Korean star; Donna Bae, who starred in the highest grossing Korean movie till date- The Host spoke of her life outside the screen. She keeps it low key and private, as she is very particular about guarding her private life and all that comes with it. She also agrees that she can be a bit spontaneous, while living the baby girl life.

For Eiza Gonzalez the Mexican actress, the screen life is much more challenging as she earned a major break in the 2018 movie; Baby Driver. She draws her inspiration from Marlon Brando, Seydoux,and Brando. With a wild and optimistic spirit, is Angelababy the Hong Kong-based actress who has admitted to losing the password to her Instagram account with over 6 million followers. Though she also mentions that she has another account in China as she is sometimes nicknamed the Kim Kardashian of China.

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Livlisa Fries is a German actress born in Berlin. She is famous for her role as the female lead in the German series Babylon Berlin. Ley Seydoux feels more expressive when she features in movies outside her geographic history. She also mentions that she is at her adventurous peak when she features in movies such as Mission: Impossible—Ghost Protocol and Spectre.

Sweet and charming are the words to describe Deepika Padukone, the Indian actress who explains the typical scenario in Indian films- A girl meets a guy and fall in love, along the line, a bad guy comes and tries to make their lives a living hell. She is popular for her role in Love Aaj Kal. Bruna Marquezine the 23-year-old Brazilian actress dated popular football star; Neymar for many years. She describes the relationship as a movie scene where everything doesn't happen according to the script.

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Hera Hilmar is a 30 year old Icelandic actress who also featured in the 2018 thriller- Mortal Engines, she names her role model as Al Pacino. Elizabeth Debicki is an Australian actress who made her debut appearance in A Few Good Men and also featured in the The Great Gatsby for which she won an award as Best Supporting Actress. Alba Rohrwacher is 40 year old Italian actress who has featured in I Am Love, Happy as Lazzaro, The Solitude of Prime Numbers. Vanessa Kirby is a British actress who believes that the movie industry is about selling stuffs. She has featured in movies such as Great Expectations and About Time. She has also won an award for the British Academy Television Award for Best Supporting Actress.


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