Top 7 Paying Jobs in Nigeria

In this 21st century, there has been a shift in the occupational space as many jobs are now in high demand across the globe. This paradigm shift has also affected third world countries including countries in Africa such as Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone and a host of many others. Recently, there are new jobs that have been in high demand and are being given the spotlight, especially with the advent of technological advancements.

In Nigeria, a lot of occupations have been sidelined, with people giving more importance to jobs that weren't popular a few decades ago. The stereotyped jobs are no longer the order of the day, as odd jobs are now taking over. Here are the top 7 high paying job in the country at the moment;

  • IT specialist/programmer/Graphic designers: Presently, IT specialists are constantly smiling to the bank. This is because the job is lucrative and doesn't require a full-time presence. On average, IT specialists/programmers earn about 150,000-500,000k per month. They also get the benefit of working remotely depending on the contract, and most times they prefer to work time as this would avail them the opportunity of working for various clients at the same time.
Doctors in Nigeria
  • Medical specialists: This is one of the stereotyped jobs that has stood the test of time. Unlike its counterparts, medical jobs are still very much in vogue and the salaries are highly competitive. Blame it on the lack of proper infrastructure in the country, or the loss of motivation in this sector, medical specialists are still one of the highly paid personnel in Nigeria. An average medical specialist earns up to 240,00k asides other basic allowance that remains their entitlement. If you have been nursing dreams of being a medical specialist, then now is not the time to give up.
Politicians in Nigeria
  • Politicians: Politicians are one of the highest paid workers in Nigeria. The various levels in the political system also determine the payment and remuneration package. Just like medical specialists, politicians also have allowances aside their basic salaries. According to mysalaryscale, the annual emolument package of a Local Government Chairman include a basic salary of N1,026,327, personal assistant allowance N256,581, domestic allowance N769,745, entertainment allowance N461,847, utility allowance N307,898, security allowance (supplement of N20,000), leave allowance N102,632 and wardrobe allowance N256,581.
business managers
  • Business Managers: Professionals in the private sector are also among the highest paid in the country. C.E.Os and business managers earn a higher pay especially those who possess a wealth of experience. Per year, business managers earn up 10,800,000million depending on the remuneration package of the company they work for.
Highest paid pilots
  • Pilot: Pilots are also highly paid in Nigeria. Partly because of the risks involved in the nature of their job and also the number of years spent to get a degree in that profession, as well as the amount spent in the course of study. Asides the basic salary, pilots are also entitled to mouth-watering bonuses and allowances which allows them to live a large life in the country. In Nigeria, an entry pilot earns up to 200,000 regardless of experience, while the salary range may differ depending on company and status.
Highest paid engineers
  • Engineers: Engineers have always been one of the highest paid professionals in Nigeria. They are also well respected in society most especially with the years of experience spent on the field. Brilliant engineers are even far more respected and on very high demand in the job market. On average, entry-level engineers earn up to 150,000-300,000k per month.
Highest paid footballers
  • Footballers: Footballers are also highly paid. However, their worth is mostly valued on international levels. Sports encouragement within the country is very poor, and this also affects the way footballers are paid in Nigeria. If a footballer is lucky to secure a contract outside the shores of the country, then it is an advantage. One of the highest paid a Nigerian footballer working internationally is being paid about £190,000.

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