Google Honors Jazz legend Hugh Masekela with Doodle

Hugh Masekela

As a means of honoring the late Jazz musician and anti Apartheid hero; Hugh Masekela, google has created a doodle to celebrate his life and time as a musician. The South African Jazz musician, who died a few months shy of his birthday is being remembered for his contribution towards the anti-apartheid policy that prevailed in the past.

Hugh Masekela popularly known as Bra Hugh was born on the 4th of April, 1939 and died on the 23rd of January, 2018. Before he died, he was known as a popular jazz musician and also his notable contribution to freedom and fundamental human rights. Some of his popular anti-apartheid songs include; "Soweto Blues, "Bring him back home", and his 1968 US pop hit version of "Grazing in the Grass". Asides his contributions in the music industry, he was also being described as the father of South African Jazz. Being raised up majorly by his Grandmother, Hugh took special liking in music at a very tender age, and began playing the trumpet at 14 after watching the movie; "Young Man with a Horn". He formed his first band while in school with the help of his school mates; Huddleston Jazz band, which was known as South Africa's first youth Orchestra.

The political instability in South Africa at that time, inspired his music and he began picking up bits from the situations happening around, transfusing them into a musical piece. In 1985, Maseleka founded the Botswana International School of Music, with the first workshop being held in Gaborone that year. In 2003, he featured in the documentary film; 'Amandla' . Hugh was eventually diagnosed and died of Prostate cancer at the age of 73. Today he is being celebrated all around the world


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