All The Details Of The Forbes Celebrity Millionaire List 2019

It's just half of the year, and a lot of celebrities have already been in the news for making waves in the financial circle. The world's most trusted source of financial reports, Forbes, made this revelation recently. It was discovered that a few celebrities had found their way to the top, in terms of financial dealings. Here are 5 celebrities, topping the list, you should be aware of.

1. Jay Z: Taking his place as the 5th Black billionaire in the US, the rapper is definitely doing fine for himself. Currently, his net worth has been valued at $930 million. According to Forbes, this makes him hip hop's first billionaire. His wealth is definitely a deliberate move going by his financial transactions in the past years. In 1995, he launched a clothing line Rocawear, which sold for  $204 million in 2007 to Iconix; an apparel company. In 2000, he launched an entertainment company; Roc Nation, which is now valued at an estimated $75 million. He also purchased the parent company of  Tidal, which is now valued at $100 million according to Forbes. An artwork which the rapper purchased, years ago for about $1million, has now raised its value to about $70 million.

Asides, the regular investments, the artiste also has shares in Uber, Liquor products as well as real estate. According to Forbes, his real estate investments are worth over $50 million, his cognac, D’Ussé, is worth $100 and sells over 200,000 cases every year. This is not to mention his investment in the champagne company; Armand de Brignac which is worth an estimated $310 million.

2. Serena Wiliams: The sports star is more than a tennis legend. According to Forbes, Serena is the first athlete to join the richest self-made women list. The tennis star has a net worth of about $225 million. This could be owing to the fact that Serena has invested on 34 start-ups, and also got married to Reddit Co-Founder, Alexis Ohanian in 2017. She earns about $8 million a year through her matches and also has endorsement deals with companies such as; Nike, Wilson, Gatorade, Delta Air Lines, Aston Martin, Pepsi, Beats by Dre headphones, IBM, Intel, and Chase Bank.

The 37-year-old tennis player, in 2003, signed a five-year contract with Puma worth over $4o million.

3. Rihanna: The musician cum fashion designer has definitely made her mark in the financial sector. Just recently, she was announced as the richest female musician in the word. She also just another record as the first black woman in charge of a major luxury fashion house, in collaboration with LVMH, whose owner, Bernard Arnault is worth over $76 billion. The singer has a fortune of over $600 million to prove her place. 

Her make-up brand; Fenty Beauty, which was launched in September 2017, made over $100 million in sales in its first few weeks. Last year, Fenty Beauty generated an estimated $570 million in revenue. In 2016, Rihanna made an estimated $22.3 million from her music, as shows such as Diamond, generated a total of $137 million in revenue. She also made a million-dollar partnership deal with Puma in 2014. As part of her money making moves, She purchased a mansion in LA for $6.8 million and later listed it for $7.4 million.

4. Tiger Woods: According to Forbes in 2018, the tennis star was reported to have earned over $1.5 billion on and off the course. His major source of wealth has been established as Golf. Presently, his net worth is priced at $800 million. At the age of 20, he signed a $40 million contract with Nike. In 2013, Tiger Woods made $71 million from endorsement deals.

As the highest-paid athlete in the world for about a decade, Tiger made between $115 million and $120 million annually in 2008 and 2009. In 2006, he owned a 10-acre oceanfront estate in Jupiter, Florida, which he bought for $40 million, as well as a parcel of land on a golf course in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, worth over $4 million.

5. Beyonce: Known as the second half of the power couple, Beyonce is also a part of the money-making gang. According to Forbes, Beyonce has a net worth of over $400 million, making her one position shy of the top 50 of America's Wealthiest Self-Made Women. Earlier in her career, she was able to land multimillion deals with brands like Pepsi. This year, she launched a brand: Ivy Park athleisure together with Adidas. 

Her On The Run Tour II done in collaboration with her husband; Jay Z grossed roughly $5 million per night, making a total of more than $250 million, overall. The 37-year-old and mother of 3 was the first black woman to headline music festival Coachella and her performance was the most-streamed Coachella video on YouTube ever.

These celebrities would stop at nothing to maintain their position and even surpass it. More wins are on the way for them in years to come. 



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