Change is the only constant thing in life, we hear this almost every day. Often times, we want the change that happens to be for the better, as in a change from being single to being married, from being unemployed to being gainfully employed, from being short to being tall, these are positive changes, so is getting promoted at work. However, a promotion does not just happen; you need to deserve it. Deserving it is not on the basis of “I have been there long enough”, in fact, that is not a cogent reason to request a promotion. Promotion only comes to those that have proved themselves worthy and have worked to show themselves approved. Again, you should be aware that if your contribution to the company is just within your job description, you may be one of the people that will be sacked first provided that the company needs a change in staff or want fewer members of staff. We all want job security, but then, are you indispensable? Here, a few tips to keep your job and land that promotion you have been praying for:

Embrace changes: one piece of advice is for you to not be rigid, embrace changes. In the world today, technological advancements and restructuring constantly happen. Don’t belong to the percentage of the populace complaining about these changes and growth, because if your boss finds this change better than your contribution to the company, or finds it cost effective, compared to paying you, consider your job gone. So instead of complaining about these changes, embrace them and go with the flow. If it has to do with a machine, learn how the machine works, learn its advantages and pitfalls, embrace technology. If the change has to do with a new style of doing things, why not learn it?

Update and upgrade: keep learning, everything and anything that is relevant to your field, learn it. Imagine you are in a meeting of all the employees in a company, and your boss asks you a question pertaining to your field, you do not have the answer, but our junior colleague answers it well and your boss is impressed. If this happens about twice or thrice, my dear, your job security is underweight, begin to consider yourself unemployed. Also, learn soft skills, update yourself so much that you begin making suggestions to your boss as to how to bring more value to the company and how the company can make more money. That is what bosses want to hear.

Take initiatives, don’t be a zombie: Learn to be creative, to think like your boss, to make decisions in the absence of your boss on his/her behalf. Your boss should not be the one thinking for you, you have been paid to think and perform tasks with common sense, not to work only within your job description. A job description is only a guide as to how you can contribute your own quota to the growth of the company, not necessarily all that you should do.  What makes you different from a machine if you are told to perform a task and you cannot think about new dimensions as to how it can be done? Only a machine is told ‘go’, and it will go one time, without thinking about what the consequences of going may be, or if there are better and interesting ways to ‘go’. You as a human should be able to do these things if you want to remain valuable.

Adopt a team spirit: have a sense of pride working with your team members, be loyal to your team by contributing your best to the team in terms of performing your tasks to the best of your ability and even helping others with theirs. This way, you can help your team be the best and perform well.

Networking: you want to sit in your comfort zone, stay away from meeting people and establishing connections, good for you. However, if you want to remain valuable in your company, establish links that are profitable to your company, bring in clients that are considered to be ‘big sharks’.

Establish a bond with your boss: you want to know what it feels like to be in your immediate boss’s position, you need pieces of advice as to how to please the overall boss, you need stories about experiences being a boss and what it feels like, move close to your boss. You see that sprit of being arrogant, crush it! It will not help you learn anything. He who has been there tells the story of how it feels better, establish that connection and relationship with your boss.

Finally, shoot your shot: you have done all you can do to get promoted, and you still haven’t been promoted, take a gutsy move by asking for a promotion, after all, you deserve it. So suggest it to your boss in the proper way, if he sees all you have contributed to the company well, you’ll get the promotion you desire.



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